Why you should optimize your portfolio

As advisors we are always working to bring clients the best financial advice. We spend hours collecting financial data, creating financial plans, researching markets, prospecting, and marketing. We do all these things to help our clients but when it comes to investing many advisors simply follow the herd. They build a diversify group of investments based on the clients risk tolerance and time horizon. Young professional who is a risk taker, 80/20. Old Retiree who is moderate, 50/50.

Advisors do this even though they've been taught by firms, wholesalers, or series exams that portfolio allocation is based on Harry Markowitz and Modern Portfolio Theory. The problem is that many diversified portfolio's do not fall on the efficient frontier. Most advisors simply do not have the tools or time to (1) input their investments, (2) analyze returns,  (3) calculate risk, and then (4) use this data to optimize portfolios to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

Modern Portfolio Theory argues that an investment's risk and return characteristics should be view together not separately.  In fact, they should be viewed in their total impact to the overall investors portfolio. MPT was designed to help investors generate the maximum level of return for a given level of risk. An investor could also work backwards and generate a portfolio based on the expected return while minimizing risk. Being able to graphically measure and map portfolios in risk and return basis allows the advisor to create the optimal portfolio for clients. Even though these tools exist many advisors still do not use them. That is because the advisor doesn't have the time or technical background to implement both the math and statistical package to create them.

This problem is why AIM Research was created to help the advisor create portfolios that are optimized based on the price data that comes in daily. Giving the client a risk adjusted portfolio based on their target return.

Options to work with us: We have a couple options Advisors can choose from. Advisors can (1) use our optimized Economic Fluctuation Portfolio, Diversified Portfolio, Downside Portfolio or  (2)We can optimize your portfolio.  Either way we are here to help bring the optimal portfolio to your practice and your clients.

How to Get Started

  1. If you'd like to use our portfolios it's easy to get started with our research. Simply Sign up for our Monthly or Yearly Subscription by hitting the subscribe button.  By subscribing you'll get access to the Daily Note, Monthly Market Commentary, Podcasts, Quarterly Outlooks, and three daily optimized portfolios.
  2. If you'd like us to optimize you firm or clients portfolios schedule sometime below. Optimization Projects take One Week to Complete (*Time Varys Based on Total Portfolio Holdings*)  
    Cost : $1200 per portfolio per frequency.  
    For example: If you want me to optimize your portfolio Monthly it would be $1,200 per month or $14,400 for year. Quarterly would be $1,200 per quarter or $4,800 per year.
    Rebalancing can be done: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, or Annually

What you receive in the Optimization Package

  1. Optimization Allocation Based on Return Targets

2. Portfolio Return Dispersion: To See Spikes in Portfolio Volatility

3. Historic Return and Drawdown

4. Economic Outlook Presentation

5. Data Driven Drift Tolerances

6. One on One Consulting Meetings base on frequency of optimized rebalance

If you'd like us to Optimize your portfolios use our booking app to schedule a virtual meeting.


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