About AIM Research, LLC

Our website aims to provide you with economic analysis that will help you navigate the changing financial markets. Investors, financial advisors, and institutions should benefit from our research. Our site has limited free content for the public; however, paid members receive daily, monthly, and quarterly commentary on the economy's most recent developments. Our primary medium is video; however, you can also expect short-form articles and plenty of charts.

Grant's Background

Grant Collins is the Chief Economist and owner of AIM Research, LLC. Grant has spent the last eight years in the financial industry, helping individual clients and advisors construct diversified portfolios. In addition to his industry experience, Grant is also experienced in the university classroom as a professor at Brescia University.

Grant earned his master's degree in applied economics from Southern New Hampshire University, focusing his thesis on monetary policy disturbances. He completed his undergraduate degree at Brescia University.

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